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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Lunar World Preview 2018 04-10

As the Lunar World Turns
Tuesday, April 10, 2018
[a] Scary Day RF
Well, it is the best of is the worst of times (or vice-versa). We are in calendrical whiplash territory, so let's take a closer look.

Day Personality
(Section Five—Characters Six and Seven)
Today's "constellation personality" is Wings (翌), and it is devastatingly bad. Many centuries ago, this constellation was basically positive, but not today. Calendrical interpretations stress that it is gloomy, with chronic illnesses, calamities, and even finding spouses in the arms of lovers after a long day away. Bad, bad, bad (um, in Lunar World, at least).
[b] Generational Horse RF

The jianchu "personality" is glowingly wonderful red ink goodness Decide (). It's among the best-of-the-best. Decide. It is empowering, so Decide and make the most of your day, your week, your month, your year, your life. It's a beautiful thing. 

Lucky Stars
(Section Two)
There are three beneficent asterisms today, including Generational Horse (歲馬), Heavenly Virtue (天德), and Lunar Virtue (月德). They're coated in red-ink goodness.

Auspicious Times
(Section Three)
There are four inauspicious (凶) two-hour periods, two in-between () times, and six auspicious () times. Auspiciousness inflation, I'm tellin' ya.
Things to Avoid
[c] Mole Becoming RF
(Section Four)
It's a bad day for Opening Irrigation Sluices (開渠), Putting Things Into Water (放水), and Positioning Beds (安牀). Think about these. And don't go near that water (or move that bed).

Just Plain Counting
(Section Four—Characters 1-4)
It is the twenty-fifth () day of the second lunar month. The cycle of sixty character is #9: renshen (壬申). The days cycle—1, 2, 3, 58, 59, 60, 1, 2, 3...—in perpetuity. 

Elemental (and Phased)
(Section Five—Character 5)
Today's slice of the "Five Phases" (sometimes called the "Five Elements") is Metal (金). Ordinarily, the Five Phases weave their way, two-by-two, through the calendar. Yesterday was Earth. Today is Metal, and tomorrow is Metal.

[d] Entering Study RF
Appropriate Things
(Section Six) 
It's a solid day for a whole grab-bag of stuff, including Entering Study (入學), Sweeping Rooms (掃舎), Going to Market (開市), and Binding Nets (結網). There are eight more, too, so click the link.
Saturday's Lunar Calendar
Solar Periods
(Section Six—Upper and Middle)
We are in the fifth of the twenty-four fifteen day solar periods (the 二十四節氣), which began on Thursday, April 4 and runs April 19. It is called Qingming (清明). We are in the fourteenth of the five-day solar micro periods (the 七十二候). It is called Moles Become Quails (田鼠化為鴽), and began on Tuesday, April 10, and runs through Saturday, April 14.

Fear Your Unlucky Stars 
[e] Granary RF
(Bottom of Section Six)
The baleful asterisms (the bottom of section six) are Fire Star (火星), Death Vapor (死氣), and Lunar Repression (月厭). They are all really bad (and especially the last one).

Miscellaneous Omens and Activities
(Sections Seven and Eight)

Today's miscellaneous omens is White (白). The miscellaneous activities are Granary (倉), Furnace (爐), and Storehouse (庫). Nobody knows what they mean.

See You Tomorrow
So, people, keep your head on straight (and avoid the swivel). Stay away from the water and, above all, Decide. I'll see you back here tomorrow night for a preview of Wednesday in Lunar World.

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