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Round and Square Guide to Pronunciation

Round and Square Pronunciation Guide

Round and Square deals with themes from all over the world, and pronunciation can occasionally be a problem.  Please click on the links below for pronunciations that range from "solid" to "perfect."  They are all better than guessing, so use the links at your convenience.

Boas, Franz

bricolage (American speaker)

bricolage (French speaker)

bricoleur (French speaker)



Foucault (Michel)

Ise  (ee-say)—that's close enough for now


Lévi-Strauss, Claude

Luoyang   Never mind the "spelling" in the link; this one is closer than MW's "Luoyang" (which is funny, because they should be pronounced exactly the same way: "落陽").


Michelet, Jules



père et mère (father and mother)



Tristes Tropiques

Verne, Jules