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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Lunar World Preview 2018 06-07

As the Lunar World Turns
Thursday, June 7, 2018
[a] Cat Preview RF
Well, tick-tock, people. Like kitty (above), we are fading into normalcy. We are fully back into the rhythms of "50-50." If anything, though, this day "leans auspicious." Let's take a closer look.
Day Personality
(Section Five—Characters Six and Seven)
Today's "constellation personality" is Horn (). It is the first of twenty-eight "lunar mansions" (宿) or "constellations." Traditional calendars state that it is a fortunate day for just about everything (except funerals). It is a great day for marriages and presages a sunny optimism (for twenty-four hours).
[b] Horn RF

The jianchu "personality" is Establish (建). It is the first of twelve characters in the jianchu cycle. Although it is printed in black ink, it oozes good. Today, the "ten-thousand things are generated." Establish. Just get it started move soil, trust me.
Note well that we are in the first day of both cycles. The calendrical specialists found a way to get the "personality cycles" in order, and we are going to go 1-1, 2-2, 3-3...12-12....and then it all falls out of formation again. Let's see what the next (almost) fortnight holds.
Lucky Stars
(Section Two)
[c] Soil RF
There are two beneficent asterisms today: Official Days (官日) and Yang Virtue (陽將). They're good.

Auspicious Times
(Section Three)
There are three inauspicious (凶) two-hour periods, three in-between () times, and fully six auspicious () times. Regular readers know what I am thinking (inflation, like a bad comedy with a predictable laugh track).
Things to Avoid
(Section Four)
It's a bad day for Binding Nets (結網) and Moving Soil (動土).

Just Plain Counting
(Section Four—Characters 1-4)
[d] Horse Mouth RF
It is the twenty-fourth (廿四) day of the fourth lunar month. The cycle of sixty character is #7: gengwu (庚午). The days cycle—1, 2, 3, 58, 59, 60, 1, 2, 3...—in perpetuity. 
Elemental (and Phased)
(Section Five—Character 5)
Today's slice of the "Five Phases" (sometimes called the "Five Elements") is Earth (土). Ordinarily, the Five Phases weave their way, two-by-two, through the calendar. Yesterday was Wood. Today is Earth, and tomorrow is Earth.

Appropriate Things
(Section Six) 
It's a solid day for only two, big, bold things today (and they are mashed together into a half-sentence): Repairing and Adorning Embankments and Walls (修飾垣墻).
Thursday's Lunar Calendar
Solar Periods
(Section Six—Upper and Middle)
We are in the ninth of the twenty-four fifteen day solar periods (the 二十四節氣), which began on Wednesday, June 6 and runs through Wednesday, June 20. It is called Grain in Ear (芒種). We are in the twenty-fifth of the seventy-two five-day solar micro periods (the 七十二候). It is called Mantids Hatch (螳螂生). It began on Wednesday, June 6, and runs through Sunday, June 10.

Fear Your Unlucky Stars 
(Bottom of Section Six)
The baleful asterisms (the bottom of section six) are Horse Mouth (馬口), Lunar Repression (月厭), Soil Charm (土符), and Everything General (俱將). They're bad.
[e] Grain in Ear RF
Miscellaneous Omens and Activities
(Sections Seven and Eight)

Today's miscellaneous omens are White (白) and Heaven (天). The miscellaneous activities are Divination (占), Mortar (磨), and Pestle (碓). Nobody knows what they mean. Really (but at least the last two are related).

See You Tomorrow
O.k., we'll call this "normal" (Lunar World-style). Nice. Establish stuff. I'll see you back here on Thursday night for a preview of Friday in Lunar World.

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