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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Primary Sources—Resource Center

The "Primary Sources" readings are broken down into various segments, starting with an introductory essay in eight parts and all of the elementary school readers from the Ministry of Education in Taiwan (c. 1985). Feel free to find your way. I recommend reading the posts in order, but it's your decision.

We're just getting underway in this series, and it will take the better part of two years to post all 276 texts. There is plenty here for starters, though, so let's get to work.

Introduction to "Primary Sources"
Introduction (e)—Butterflies                                       Introduction (f)—K-12, c.1985
Introduction (g)—Impassioned Communities            Introduction (h)—History, Language, and Culture, c.1985

First Grade, First Semester*
1A.01—I Get Up 我起來了                                        1A.02—Good Morning, Mother 媽媽早          
1A.03—Who Gets Up Early? 誰起得早                     1A.01-03 Review 

1A.04—My Book Bag 我的書包                                1A.05—One Person Short 少了一個人
1A.06—Playing Ball 玩皮球                                       1A.04-06 Review 

1A.07—Little Bird 小小鳥兒                                       1A.08—Come With Me, Little Doggie 小狗跟我來
1A.09—Little White Rabbit Races 小白兔比賽          1A.07-09 Review

1A.10—I Make a Boat 我做一條船                            1A.11—In the Park 公園裡
1A.12—Through the Mountain Tunnel 過山洞           1A.10-12 Review

*Note that the first semester of first grade has only twelve texts. This is because the first half of the semester is spent learning the 注音符號 (zhuyinfuhao) pronunciation system and doing pronunciation drills. All eleven semesters that follow have twenty-four lessons per semester.

First Grade, Second Semester

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