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Friday, January 7, 2011

Annals of Ostracism—Resource Center

Welcome to the Resource Center for the Round and Square series "Annals of Ostracism." Annals? Ostracism? The best place to begin is with the introduction to the topic. After that, feel free to explore the various posts in the series.

Annals of Ostracism: Introduction
Here's the beginning. It all flows from here (including people pretending that the other does not exist. "Flow" is a relative concept when it comes to ostracism.

Annals of Ostracism: Alone in the Arctic.
Kicked out of the igloo. This is not an optimal situation for an arctic anthropologist. Jean Briggs tells all.

Annals of Ostracism: The Crime of Cephu
O.k., you are in a small tribe in the Ituri Forest...and you decide to "go it alone." Your pigmy colleagues ostracize you. Discuss.

Annals of Ostracism: Discovered Notes
Imagine the misery associated with doing fieldwork...and having your fieldnotes discovered and read by the very people you are trying to understand (the levels of "problem"-atic only begin to show their threads...this is bad on all sorts of levels).

Annals of Ostracism: Culture's Bounty
Headhunting in the NFL. It's despicable (and Rousseauian...sort of).

Annals of Ostracism: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Oh, how I despise that song. Click here to see why.

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