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Sunday, January 9, 2011

From the Geil Archive—Resource Center

Welcome to the Resource Center for the Round and Square series "From the Geil Archive." This center is your easy way to navigate the posts in the series, and will allow you to go either straight through the archival pickings (as it were) or choose topics that might interest you. I strongly recommend starting with the introduction to the series, and then at least reading the first few examples in order to get a sense of the sources and the series.

Posts are listed in order below.
Introduction                              01-Southern Mountain Museum            02-Sacred Mountain Map           
03-Hat and Cattle                    04-Seeking Anthropology                       05-Curly Fives
06-How to Write It                    07-Mortarboard Man                              08-Orator

09-Naming Unconventions      10-Not Like the Others                          11-Killed by Lightning 

12-American Flag                   13-Out of the Frying Pan                       14-One of Earth's Travelers

15-"Stamps" of Approval        16-Coin Extractor                                  17-Jack of All Trades 

18-Don't Call Me Reverend    19-Who Was Constance Geil?              20-Geil Visits the British Museum

21-The Tenacious Wall           22-Warring Pens                                   23-Geil: Intellectual Bricoleur

24-Voting Rights                     25-Friends in High Places                     26-A Yankee in the Land of Rhubarb 

27-Thinking in Fives               28-The Perfect 2                                    29-Confusion in Japan

30-The Sanitarium                  31-Immortality to Obscurity                   32-The Sarawak Museum

33-Geil on the Moon               34-A Ghostly...Three Teachings            35-Chinese Jews

36-Sentimental Geil

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