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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kanji Mastery—Resource Center

Welcome to the Kanji Mastery Resource Center. Here, you will find links to all posts, including several other series that are relevant to the topic. The place to begin is with the introduction. After that, feel free to sample the various "radicals" of the written language. Over time, this series will include more than 200 "radicals," and the little studied "phonetics" that make the whole process of learning kanji easier.

Kanji Mastery—Introduction
Begin here. This post lays out a wide-range of challenges facing those who begin Japanese as a second language. 

Kanji Steps to Mastery—Introduction
This linked series gives practical advice for the learning process.

Kanji Mastery—Radical 41 (寸 Inch) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 46 (山 Mountain) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 48 (工 Work) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 77 ( Stop) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 93 (牛 Ox) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 94 (犬 Dog) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 99 (甘 Sweet) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 112 (石 Stone) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 116 ( Cave) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 128 (耳 Ear) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 134 (臼 Mortar) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 137 (舟 Boat) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 139 (色 Color) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 148 (角 Horn) 

Kanji Mastery—Radical 198 (鹿 Deer)


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