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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ponder College—Resource Center

[a] Ponder you RF
Welcome to the Resource Center for the Round and Square series "Ponder College." The series explains itself in the form of fictional posts about this beacon of higher education (and a peculiarly American form of it). The introduction is absolutely the place to start...unless you want to dive right in and just "listen to" what happened at Ponder College each week (everything after the introduction—which is nonfiction—is fictional. 

The posts with numbers (those that don't have numbers attached to them) are fictional. I am saying it clearly here. It is not meant to be that way in the actual (fictional) posts. They are meant to be a world that makes sense (like Lake Wobegon, Yoknapatawpha County, or Narnia). Any resemblance to these places (or living persons) is unintended.
[b] Pondering RF

Ponder College—Introduction 
This is where you start if you want a nonfiction explanation of the series.

Ponder College (1)—Pre-Midterm Lull
Students are nearing the midpoint of the semester, and some are wondering whether there should even be "semesters" at all.

Ponder College (2)—Study Abroad
The books hit the fan.

Ponder College (3)—Midterm Exams
It's time for midterm exams. Some students are asking why we even need midterms.

Ponder College (4)—Spring Break
Everyone is study.

Ponder College (5)—Back to the Ol' Grind
It's baaack. Work. We'll discuss this.

Ponder College (6)—Senior Thesis
Every senior writes one at Ponder College. This has been transforming lives (and frustrating the young) for sixty years now. Seniors are ambivalent; graduates swear by it.

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