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Monday, March 26, 2018

Lunar World Preview 2018 03-26

As the Lunar World Turns
Monday, March 26, 2018
[a] Monday Preview RF
It's what we call, at first-glance, an all black-ink "bad" day in Lunar World on Monday. A quick peek should give us a deeper sense of how the day is going to "work," though. It's always more complicated than it looks. Let's take a look.
Day Personality
Today's "constellation personality" is "Danger" (危). It's black-ink "negative," but let's observe it more closely.

“Danger" is pretty darned bad, at least on the constellation personality side of things (ironically, it is the only "personality" that appears in both sets of cycles, including the jianchu side, where it is slightly more hopeful). 

Calendrical interpretations stress that it is an especially bad day for travelers, who are likely to encounter difficulties in their journeys. Watch the speed limit, people.

The jianchu "personality" is "Fullness" (滿), which looks a lot better than it really is. But (I hear you cry), what could be so-so about being full, replete, overflowing, er (burp!)? Well that's it, as close followers of Lunar World know already. Fullness is a little bit too much of a good thing. Watch your intake, and don't eat dangerous foods (especially poison blowfish).
[c] Bad Haircut Day RF

Dos and Don'ts
It's a bad day for haircuts (理髮), distant travels (遠行), and moving soil (). Think about these. You can either end up looking like little Westie, to your right, or you could wait until tomorrow. As for the travels, the real question I often get asked is "what is meant by 'distant'"? 

Well, that is an excellent question. In the late-Ming dynasty (let's say, circa 1600 CE), even thirty miles might have qualified, and certainly beginning a journey from your city in Fujian province to the imperial capital of Beijing would have qualified. 
[d] Vermilion Bird RF

But today? Is a trip from Beloit, Wisconsin to Chicago distant? There are no answers in the text—only in life as it continues to be led. That is why mere language knowledge is not enough. We need history and ethnography to get fuller answers. So, I'll take a stab at it, although it is badly arbitrary—over two-hundred miles (320 kilometers) is "distant." There. I said it. Interpret away. Oh, and don't move soil, either. No, not even a little bucketful.

It's a solid day for a whole passel of good stuff—so many that you really need to click the link (right below here). Meeting friends (會友) and going to market (開市) are good places to start, and you'll end up raising livestock (牧養) and patching up those scattered holes and caves on your sprawling seventeenth century southeastern Chinese estate (補塞). Trust me. 

Fear Your Unlucky Stars
The baleful asterisms (the bottom of section six) are among the most common, if you are a regular follower of Lunar World updates. Among them are "Doubled Days" (重日) and "Soil Charm" (土符). One that only appears from time-to-time makes an appearance, too, and it is worth a closer look. It's "Vermilion Bird" (朱雀) and it reflects the early mythology of southern China. This one is supposed to scare you a little, but it's hard not to see that bright color and not be at least a little bit enraptured.

[e] Lightning Sings RF
On top of it all, the eleventh five-day solar micro-period (one of the 七十二候) begins on Monday. It is called "Lightning Sings" (雷乃發聲) and it signals the beginning of a springtime phenomenon that is both wondrous and a little scary. After a long, gloomy, winter, though, I, for one, am ready.

See You Tomorrow
So, approach your Monday with cautious verve. Stay grounded, whatever you do, and don't travel too far afield. I'll see you back here Monday night for a preview of Tuesday's lunar calendar.

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