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Friday, March 23, 2018

Lunar World Preview 2018 03-23

As the Lunar World Turns
Friday, March 23, 2018
It's a double black-ink "personality" day today, but it's really only half-bad, if you take a closer look. A quick peek should give us a deeper sense of how Friday is going to "work" in Lunar World.
Day Personality
Today's "constellation personality" is "Woman" (女). Unfortunately, that is not one of the more positive items among the twenty-eight "constellation personalities." The historical gender dynamics are predictable, if quite unnerving for a twenty-first century reader. 

On the other hand, there is no way to spin the calendrical negativity of it all. The jianchu "personality" is "Closed" (閉) which only seems negative because of its black ink. Think about the rhythms of your life.

[c] Granary RF

You know that you rotate between "open" social involvement and "closed" temporary inward-turning. It's natural, and we're going to hit the Closed button in Lunar World on Friday.

Dos and Don'ts
It's a bad day for opening granaries (開倉) and capital outflow (出財), as well as venerating ancestors (祭祀). Think of the first two, though. Many readers today, including a number of them in the Hong Kong financial community, interpret "opening granaries" as dipping into resources more generally. So, if you follow the rhythms of Lunar World, keep that money clip in your pocket, handbag, purse, or whatever floats your financial boat.

It's a solid day for studying (入學), engagement for marriage (訂婚), tailoring (裁衣), and going to market (開市), um, but don't spend anything, though...right? There are nine other items on this three-wide day-column, so click the links and check them out.
[d] Staying Afloat RF
Fear Your Unlucky Stars
The baleful asterisms (the bottom of section six) includes several that I find fascinating (and a little bit chilling). One of them is "Blood Branch" (血支) and another is "Return Taboo" (歸忌). The first looks like it's straight out of a horror novel, and the second sends the cultural message that it is only auspicious to return home at certain times.  

On top of it all, the big, baleful asterism is "Water Scar" (水痕). That one has all of the scary, watery, danger-themes reminiscent to the marshland and lakes of southern China. Be fearful. Very fearful.

See You Tomorrow
So, work hard, play hard, and (tomorrow) rest hard, stay on dry land (and don't touch those credit cards). I'll see you back here tomorrow night for Saturday's Lunar World preview.

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