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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lunar World Preview 2018 03-18

As the Lunar World Turns  
[a] Destruction [RF]
Sunday, March 18, 2018

Right now on Round and Square—Sunday's Lunar Calendar. Well, there are no "weekends" in Lunar World (not, at least, in the way that we think of them today in many parts of the world), but I still hope that you are enjoying yours. 

Sunday's Lunar Calendar

[b] Wrecked Stuff [RF]
Sunday will be another "50-50" day, in terms of black-ink and red-ink. It's deceptive, though. The red-ink "Edifice" is absolutely buried by the utterly dismal inauspiciousness of the worst day of the twelve-day "jianchu personality" cycle. Today's is Destroy, and there's no way to spin it (except that it's all right to break stuff today—your own property, I should add).

So, hunker down. It's only once every twelve days, and it works out pretty well if you don't work on Sunday. If you do, it's a little tricky, but let's not get too worked up. As I say every fortnight, these things do repeat every twelve days. It can't be that bad, could it?
[c] Fowl Play [RF]

Do avoid litigation today, as well as working around the stove. It is a fairly good day for "seeking physicians" and treating illness, as well as the usual wrecking-ball stuff common on a destroy day. 

And maybe you can tell me why I constantly (year-after-year) create typos on these days, writing "Destory" instead of "Destroy." 

I think that there must be a postmodern lit-crit demon inside of me (De—rrida-story, maybe)...

So let's wrap this up with a quick look at today's baleful asterisms. We have "Lunar Destruction," which often appears on this "personality day," as well as "Opposed Branch." 

Still, I am enamored of a Zodiacal Mouth asterism that I rarely see. Literally, it is "Chicken Mouth" but I prefer to think of it as...Fowl Mouth. 

Be good. Don't make me wash out your mouth with soap, and I'll see you back here tomorrow night for our Monday preview. 

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