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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Round and Square Syllabus (Spring 2015)

[a] Round RF
Round and Square Syllabus
All Classes
Spring 2015
Robert André LaFleur                                                             Office Hours:
Morse Ingersoll 111                                                                 Monday            2:30-4:00
363-2005                                                                                   Wednesday      2:30-4:00                                                                    …or by appointment

Week One—January 19
Syllabic Cycles—Introduction, a-d (read all four posts, not just the first one). 

Week Two—January 26
Quotidian Quizzes—Introduction, a-h (read all eight posts, not just the first one).

Week Three—February 2
Philosophy of History of Philosophy: A History

Week Four—February 9
Chicago-style Footnotes and Endnotes

Week Five—February 16
Chinese Five-Phase Cosmology 
Thinking in Fives

Week Six—February 23 
Bricolage 1
Bricolage 2

Week Seven—March 2
Bricolage 3
Bricolage Bibliothèque (Bike Seat)

Week Ten—March 23
Structure, History, and Culture (a)
Structure, History, and Culture (b)

Week Eleven—March 30
Structure, History, and Culture—Packing the Car
Structure, History, and Culture—Interstate Highways

Week Twelve—April 6
Structure, History, and Culture—NCAA Tournament Brackets
Structure, History, and Culture—Sweet and Sour Sixteen

Week Thirteen—April 13
Structure, History, and Culture—Electoral College Politics (a)  
Structure, History, and Culture—Electoral College Politics (b)

Week Fourteen—April 20
The Thousand-Ask Question (a)
The Thousand-Ask Question (b)
The Thousand-Ask Question (c)
[b] Square RF

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