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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wonder Wines—Beaujolais

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15 April 2013—China's Lunar Calendar 2013 04-15
15 April 2012—Hurtin' Country: Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down
15 April 2011—Seinfeld Ethnography: Elaine Exclaims
[a] Beaujolais (nouveau and otherwise) RF
It's the second installment of the New York Times "Wine School," and we move to much lighter fare this time (cheaper, too). We stay in France, though. 
[b] Light RF

We will explore the world of Beaujolais this month, and there is much less to concern us (decanting deshmanting). Just get the bottle open and enjoy (I assume that my readers are of legal drinking age if they partake). 

Here's Eric Asimov's article. We'll look more in-depth next week. Pat and I will probably sample a few bottles (over the weekend, too).

See you next week. 

Enjoy some light, fruity, Beaujolais in the meantime.

Oh, and we'll address that whole "Beaujolais Nouveau" thing then. It's unlikely that you are going to find any of that stuff right now (trust me).
[c] Beaujolais Close-up RF

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