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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Theory Cartoons—Gifts of Contempt

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[a] The New Yorker 2013 12-24
Marcel Mauss never saw this coming. Think about it—really think about it.

A gift with condescension. 
[b] Nope...the opposite RF

Oh, but wait...if you have read even Argonauts of the Western Pacific, you know about that part (just think about a kula shell being thrown contemptuously at your feet). If this doesn't make sense, you really need to read Argonauts, the first ethnographic classic (brilliant, for all its flaws).

This takes all of that to a new level. This is the contemptuous gift that you don't (and maybe can't) notice. The giver has the satisfaction of knowing how superior s/he is to you, even though no one else notices. Now think about that. No one notices your contempt.

Yup, you're smarter than everyone, and social exchange is your own head.

Now this is what social and cultural (and psychological) theory is all about.

[c] My own head...thinking... RF

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