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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cultural and Intellectual History Tweets—Sacred Mountain Reflection

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10 April 2013—China's Lunar Calendar 2013 04-10
10 April 2012—Fieldnotes From History: Snake Alley
10 April 2011)—Katakana Culture: Slopes and Sunlight

Emei Mountain, Sichuan RF
This new Round and Square series gets right to the point...and then starts circuiting around it. We begin with a 140 character tweet about cultural-intellectual history. This is followed by an English-style haiku (with a few liberties taken here and there—hey...English ain't Japanese). We end with a nice recipe. Simple, and to-the-point (except that it really is neither of these...and that is the whole point). Oh, and I still believe in complete sentences and fully-formed wrdz (they can't always be exactly "complete" on Twitter, but, as I like to say, "you can see 'complete' from there." Sorry, but that's the way I roll. 
[b] Stairway to "Haven" RF

If the tweet is "informational" (as today), it is "true." The recipe is "real." The haiku is just, well, odd.

I would tell you more...if I had more than 140 characters with which to work (+ spld thngs fny).

I'm busy writing a lecture on reflexivity, divination, and China's sacred mountains. That's a potent combination of incense and reflection.

Sacred mountain peak
East, south, center, west, and north
What would Pierre (Bour)dieu?

Here's a recipe for a long day of (reflective) mountain travel. This one is from an iconic mountain region in Anhui, which is home to Nine Flowers mountain and Yellow Mountain. The former is a Buddhist sacred mountain; the latter is probably the most talked about, and painted, mountain cluster in China. We have spicy walnut pork, fried shrimp, and farm egg dumplings. It's enough to cure any brooding reflection...

[c] Mountain Spring RF

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