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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Social and Cultural Theory Syllabus 2015 (a)

On this date on Round and Square's History 
19 August 2014—China's Lunar Calendar 2014 08-19
19 August 2014—Social and Cultural Theory Syllabus 2014
19 August 2013—China's Lunar Calendar 2013 08-19
19 August 2013—From the Geil Archive: Seeking Anthropology
19 August 2012—Rural Religion in China (15)
19 August 2011—Displays of Authenticity: Fresh Coffee

Click here for the other half of this two-part syllabus post:
ANTH 206: Weeks 1-8                   ANTH 206: Weeks 9-16 
[a] Kwakiutl Sea Spirit RF
Social and Cultural Theory
Anthropology 206
Autumn 2015
TTh 8:00-9:50 a.m.
Robert André LaFleur                                                             Office Hours:
Morse Ingersoll 111                                                                 Tuesday           2:00-3:30
363-2005                                                                                   Thursday         2:00-3:30                                                                    …or by appointment 

Required Books for All Enrolled Students 
Bowen, Elenore Smith, Return to Laughter 
Bourdieu, Practical Reason
Bourdieu, Outline of a Theory of Practice 
Connell, Evan. Mr. Bridge 
Connell, Evan. Mrs. Bridge 
Eriksen, Thomas Hylland, A History of Anthroplogy
Moore, Henrietta and Todd Sanders. Anthropology in Theory: Issues in Epistemology*
***  ***
LaFleur, Robert. Round and Square ( 
The New York Review of Books (NYRB) 

*We will be using the new second edition of this book. Do not buy the first edition; there are too many changes, and it will not "save" you time or money.

Required Ethnographies (Choose one SET from the list below) 
Rosaldo, Renato. Ilongot Headhunting: A History   AND
Rosaldo, Michelle. Knowledge and Passion
Schiefflin, Edward. The Sorrow of the Lonely and the Burning of the Dancers  AND
Feld, Steven. Sound and Sentiment. 
All books are on library reserve. 
***  *** 
Building upon ANTH 100 (Society and Culture), this course helps students develop increased sophistication in the way that they frame and think about social and cultural (not to mention historical) phenomena.  Our approach to the subject will be both historical and “pragmatic.”  It is necessary to understand the development of various intellectual strains within anthropology. A good foundation in them gives solidity to analytical constructions (this is precisely the reason that philosophers spend a good number of pages in every work “framing” their subject matters in terms of the history of philosophy).  It is far from being a trifling exercise.  We will also take a “pragmatic” approach, by asking ourselves which perspectives work best for our purposes, and our interests.  Learning to balance these seemingly contradictory (but actually beautifully entwined) approaches is one of the keys to excellent theoretical work in and beyond the field of anthropology.

Quizzes                                                                      15%
Theoretical Letter                                                       15%
Bridges to Theory Review Essay                               15%
Ethnography Review Essay                                       15%
Final Exam                                                                 15%
Final Analysis                                                             25%
Class attendance and participation is expected.  
Anthropology 206
Social and Cultural Theory 
Autumn 2015 
Week I 
(August 25, 27)
Course overview
Film: Geil of Doylestown (in-class Thursday)
From the Geil Archive (read all nine posts)  
          1-Southern Mountain Museum
          2-Sacred Mountain Map
          3-Hat and Cattle
          4-Seeking Anthropology
          5-Curly Fives
          6-How to Write the Book
          7-Mortarboard Man
Eriksen, A History of Anthropology, vii-x; 1-19
Round and Square 
          Syllabic Cycles:Introduction (a-d)  Read all four posts, not just “a.” 
New York Review of Books
         Read the cover, the "front matter," and the first essay.

Week II  
(September 1, 3) 
Round and Square 
          Quotidian Quizzes:Introduction (a-h)    Read all eight posts, not just “a.” This will 
          take some time; do it anyway. They get more important (and will be on the  quiz) 
          as they proceed; read the last four carefully.
New York Review of Books 
Bowen, Return to Laughter 
          Foreword by David Riesman
          Chapters 1-22 (whole book)
Moore, Anthropology in Theory, xi-xvi; 1-52
          General Introduction
          Anthropology and Epistemology 
Part I/Section I: Culture and Behavior 
          The Aims of Anthropological Research (Boas)
          The Concept of Culture in Science (Kroeber)
          Problems and Methods of Approach (Bateson)
          The Individual and the Pattern of Culture (Benedict)
Connell, Mrs. Bridge, 1-40 
          Love and Marriage
          Preliminary Training
          Christmas Basket
          Displaced Dummy
          Alice Jones
          Who Can Find the Caspian Sea?
          Of Ladies and Women
          Table Manners
          Alice Jones Again
          Agreeable Conversation
          Guest Towels
          Late for Dinner
          Holiday News
          A Matter of Taste
          Good-by Alice
          Never Speak to Strange Men
          Grace Barron 
          What’s Up, Señora Bridge?

Week III  
(September 9, 11) 
Round and Square See separate Round and Square syllabus 
Bourdieu, Practical Reason, 1-145 (whole book)
            Social Spaces and Symbolic Space
            (The "Soviet" Variant and Political Capital)
            The New Capital
            (Social Space and the Field of Power)
            Rethinking the State: The Genesis and Structure...
            (The Family Spirit)
            Is a Disinterested Act Possible?
            The Economy of Symbolic Goods
            (Remarks on the Economy of the Church)
            The Scholastic Point of View
            A Paradoxical Foundation of Ethics
Moore, Anthropology in Theory, 53-128
Part I/Section2: Structure and System 
            Rules for the Explanation of Social Facts (Durkheim)
            On Social Structure (Radcliffe-Brown)
            Introduction to Political Systems of Highland Burma (Leach)
            Social Structure (Lévi-Strauss)
Part I/Section3: Function and Environment 
            The Group and the Individual in Functional Analysis (Malinowski)
            The Concept and Method of Cultural Ecology (Steward)
            Energy and the Evolution of Culture (White)
            Ecology, Cultural and Noncultural (Rappaport) 
Connell, Mrs. Bridge, 41-80 
            The Leacocks
            Victim of Circumstances
            Rock Fight
            Advanced Training
            Another World
            Sentimental Moment
            Soft Gift
            Nothing Spectacular
            The Search for Love
            No Scenes in Church
            Powerful Vocabulary
            Tobacco Road
            One Summer Morning
            Growing Pains
            Maid from Madras

Week IV 
(September 15, 17)  
Round and Square See separate Round and Square syllabus  
Moore, Anthropology in Theory, 129-190
Part I/Section 4: Methods and Objects
            Understanding and Explanation in Social Anthropology (Beattie)
            Anthropological Data and Social Reality (Holy and Stuchlik)
            Objectification Objectified (Bourdieu)
Part II/Section 5: Meanings as Objects of Study
            Thick Description: Toward an Interpretive Theory of Culture (Geertz)
            Anthropology and the Analysis of Ideology (Asad)
            Subjectivity and Cultural Critique (Ortner)
Eriksen, A History of Anthropology, 20-45
          Victorians, Germans and a Frenchman
Bourdieu, Outline of a Theory of Practice, vii-viii; 1-15 
          Translator’s Foreword
          The Objective Limits of Objectivism
               Section I: Analyses
                    From the Mechanics of the Model to the Dialectic of Strategies 
Connell, Mrs. Bridge, 81-121 
            Revolt of the Masses
            Minister’s Book
            Lady Poet
            Oaths and Pledges
            Another Victim of Circumstances
            The Clock
            Countess Mariska
            Tea Leaves
            The Private World of Wilhelm and Susan
            Sir William and Sir Thomas
            The Low-pressure Salesman
            Second Lesson in Spanish
            Servant’s Entrance
            The Chrysler and the Comb
            No Evangelism

Week V 
(September 22, 24)        
Round and Square See separate Round and Square syllabus  
Moore, Anthropology in Theory, 191-282
Part I/Section 6: Language and Method            
            Structural Analysis in Linguistics and in Anthropology (Lévi-Strauss)
            Ordinary Language and Human Action (Crick)
            Language, Anthropology, and Cognitive Science (Bloch)
Part I/Section 7: Cognition, Psychology, and Neuoranthropology
            Towards an Integration of Ethnography, History and the...(Whitehouse)
            Linguistic and Cultural Variables in the Psychology of Numeracy (Stafford)
            Subjectivity (Luhrman)
            Why the Behavioural Sciences Need the Concept...(Whitehead) 
Part I/Section 8: Bodies of Knowledges
            Knowledge of the Body (Jackson)
            The End of the Body? (Martin)
            Hybridity: Hybrid Bodies of the Scientific Imaginary (Sharp) 
Eriksen, A History of Anthropology, 46-67
            Four Founding Fathers 
Bourdieu, Outline of a Theory of Practice, 22-38
            The Objective Limits of Objectivism (continued)
            Section I: Analyses
                        The Fallacies of the Rule            
            Section II: Case Study—Parallel-Cousin Marriage
                        The State of the Question
                        The Functions of Kinship: Official Kin and Practical Kin
Connell, Mrs. Bridge, 121-160 
            Good Night
            News of the Leacocks
            The Hat
            First Babies
            Who’s Calling?
            Mademoiselle from Kansas City
            Ruth Goes to New York
            Tornado at the Club
            Non Capisco
            French Restaurant
            Winged Victory
            Strangers in Paradise
            Intellectual Café 
Grammar Is Culture—Handouts 
     LaFleur, Rob’s Style Sheet
***  ***
Because of the Beloit College Internet Outage
(and lack of access to Google Docs for many students...
Theory Letter Due on 

Week VI 
(September 29, October 1) 
Round and Square See separate Round and Square syllabus  
Moore, Anthropology in Theory, 283-376
Part III/Section 9: Coherence and Contingency
            Puritanism and the Spirit of Capitalism (Weber)
            Introduction to Europe and the People Without History (Wolf)
            Introduction to Of Revelation and Revolution (Comaroff and Comaroff)
            Epochal Structures I: Reconstructing Historical Materialism (Donham)
            Structures and the Habitus (Bourdieu) 
Part III/Section 10: Universalisms and Domain Terms
            Body and Mind in Mind, Body and Mind in Body...(Lambek)
            So Is Female to Male as Nature Is to Culture? (Ortner)
            Global Anxieties: Concept-Metaphors and Pre-theoretical...(Moore) 
Eriksen, A History of Anthropology, 68-95
            Expansion and Institutionalism
Bourdieu, Outline of a Theory of Practice, 38-52 
            The Objective Limits of Objectivism (continued)
            Section II: Case Study—Parallel-Cousin Marriage (continued)
                        Officializing Strategies
                        Collective Beliefs and White Lies 
Connell, Mrs. Bridge, 161-204 
            Sidewalk Artist
            Beautiful Luggage
            Mirror, Mirror
            Peculiar Roman
            Change of Itinerary
            Inside Europe
            Progress, Madness, Defeat
            Robbery at the Heywood Duncans’
            No Questions
            Follow Me Home
            Jules, Niki, et al
            The Rich and the Poor
            Paquita de las Torres
            Extra-sensory Perception
            Frayed Cuffs
            Sex Education
            Words of Wisdom
            Very Gay Indeed
            Local Talent
            Exchange of Letter
            Frozen Fruit      

Week VII 
(October 6, 8)
Connell, Mr. Bridge (Entire book)
           Love                               Family Portrait                 In the Counting House 
           Two Women                   Dinner at Home               The Tip 
           No Oil                             Lester                              Trouble in the Road Ahead 
           Senator Horton Bailey    Forgive Us Our Debts     Prohibition 
           Life Begins at...              Thumper                          The Dream 
           Struggling Upward…     Thayer’s Drugstore           The Pony 
           Bleak Day                      Cadillac                             Locusts 
           You Don’t Love Me        Call Me Avrum                   EK 
           Kansas City Power...     Paper Hat                          Purple Crayon 
           Stiff Lower Lip                Barbarians                        Boxtops 
           The Gardener’s Child    Summer in Georgia           Underground 
           Discretion                      New Clothes                      Yuh, Yuh, Yuh 
           The Pistol                      Halloween                          Daiquiri for Harriet 
           Harriet and Carolyn       Onward Christian Soldiers Home from the Office 
           Handful of Change        Season’s Greetings           The Squirrel 
           Happy Days                  Cousin Lulu’s Estate          Nevacal 
           Fleur-de-lis                    The Family Tree                 New Neighbors 
           LS                                 The Regatta…                    Semi-pro 
           Golden Gloves              Crosby                               Beefcake 
           The Fight                       In the Garden                    Do You Remember…? 
           Happy Birthday              How Much?                       The Dawn Patrol 
           Ground Glass                Liberal Arts                        High School Album 
           Moment Musicale          Coppélia                            Hair Shirt 
          So Soon?                      Juliet                                  Tijuana 
           Mariuana                       The Primrose Path             Harriet’s System 
           Witch Doctor                  Happy Easter                    Bawdy Story 
           Wild Party                      Wastebaskets                    The Laborers 
           Bleh!                              Stockings                           4 A.M. 
           Sweet Shit                     Silver                                 California Sunshine 
           Watering the Flowers    Mrs. Paul A. Cornish          In the Aztec Room 
           Houyhnhum                  7:42 A.M.                            The Jeweler’s Son 
           Jussi Bjoerling              The Lecture on El Greco     Equality 
           Jews                             Bernice                               Jade Pig
           New Writing...               Billy Jack Andrews, Pro      Peggy 
           Venus of Mission Hills   Letter                                  Art of India 
           Publishers’ Graveyard   Good Luck                         Foul Weather 
           On the Morning Train    Petra                                  Good Night, Good Night! 
           J’ai Faim                       Moulin Rouge                     Les Sabots de Millet 
           Cannes                         Darkness at Noon              Another One 
           The Etruscans              Mi Piace la Banana            From Rome
           Intimations                    Wedding Present               Football 
           Square Peg                  The Dancing Master           Hot Number 
           Socrates                       Eagle Scout                        Locking Up 
           A Pal of Morrie             Crime and Punishment       Autumn 
           Black Pledge                Gil Davis                             Guess Who? 
           Legal Secretary            In the Vault                         Winter 
           The Volunteer               Death Ray                          Joy to the World

Week VIII—Autumn Break       
[b] (Agri)Culture RF
Click here for the other half of this two-part syllabus post:
ANTH 206: Weeks 1-8                   ANTH 206: Weeks 9-16 

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