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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ponder College Syllabus 2015 (a)

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[a] Pondering Society RF
Click here for the other half of this two-part syllabus post:
INIT 100: Weeks 1-8                  INIT 100: Weeks 9-16

Ponder College
INIT 100, First-Year Initiatives
Autumn 2015
TTh 10:00-11:50 AM
Robert André LaFleur                                                             Office Hours:
Morse Ingersoll 111                                                                 Tuesday           2:00-3:30
363-2005                                                                                   Thursday         2:00-3:30                                                                    …or by appointment

Required Books           
Allitt, Patrick. I'm the Teacher, You're the Student.
Bain, Ken. What the Best College Teachers Do.
Bain, Ken. What the Best College Students Do.
Chace, William. One Hundred Semesters.
Emerson, Robert. Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes.
Kluge, P.F. Final Exam.
Martin, Roger. Brave Noises.
Nathan, Rebekah. My Freshman Year.
Rosovsky, Henry. The University: An Owner's Manual.
                            ***  ***
Fieldnote notebook (required).
The Chronicle of Higher Education (arrives in bookstore in September)

Reserve Books
Landon, Brooks. Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft.
All course books are also available at the reserve desk at the library. Since there are a limited number of each book (usually one or two), please make sure that you plan ahead if you are going to read a book on reserve. Listen in class for "reserve strategies," as well.

Course Description 

In this seminar, we will explore the changing world of liberal arts education. Beginning with the playful “foundation” of a fictional college created by the instructor, we will examine the role of small colleges in a vast system of American higher education

While learning about classes, academic requirements, and student life at Beloit College (something we share with all FYI students), our seminar will explore the ways that colleges perceive their histories, how they “sell” themselves, and even how they run their business operations. In the process, we will read a wide array of stories, novels, memoirs, financial reports, and educational treatises that speak to the role of education in a rapidly changing twenty-first century.

We will not limit ourselves to the American liberal arts college, either. The idea to put talented students and creative teachers together in small classes has caught on in a few parts of the world, and we will learn how these colleges look and operate in Hong Kong, Japan, India, and several parts of Europe. In the process, students will gain a distinctive perspective on the work that they will be doing right up until their own college graduations in 2019.

Quizzes                       15% 
Fieldnotes                    25%
Rewrites                      15% 
Ponder Letter               15%
Ethnographic Essay     30%
Class attendance and participation is expected.  

Ponder College
INIT 100.12
New Student Days
(August 17-22) 
Fieldnote Notebook (buy it at the bookstore; we'll use it in class all semester)
Emerson, Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes, ix-xiii; 1-44
            Fieldnotes in Ethnographic Research 
            In the Field: Participating, Observing, and Jotting Notes 
Martin, Brave Noises: Journal of a First-year College President, 1-30
            Getting Hired
            Getting Started
            Getting Established

Week I 
(August 25, 27)
Film: Geil of Doylestown (in-class Tuesday)
Round and Square      Syllabic Cycles:Introduction (a-d)  
     Read all four posts, not just “a.”
Emerson, Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes, 45-128
            Writing Fieldnotes I: At the Desk, Creating Scenes on a Page
            Writing Fieldnotes II: Multiple Purposes and Stylistic Options 
Martin, Brave Noises: Journal of a First-year College President, 31-120
            Personal Sacrifices
            Susan's Story
            Lessons Learned
            Appendix: Signing Up

Week II 
(September 1, 3)
The Chronicle of Higher Education (at the bookstore; we'll use it in class all semester)
Round and Square  Quotidian Quizzes:Introduction (a-h)  
           Skim a-d, and read posts e-h very carefully; your quiz grade depends on it).
Bain, What the Best College Teachers Do, 1-180
            Introduction: Defining the Best
            What Do They Know About How We Learn?
            How Do They Prepare to Teach?
            What Do They Expect of Their Students?
            How Do They Conduct Class?
            How Do They Treat Their Students?
            How Do They Evaluate Their Students and Themselves?
            Epilogue: What Can We Learn From Them?
Week III
 (September 8, 10)
Round and Square See separate Round and Square syllabus 
Bain, What the Best College Students Do, 1-262
            The Roots of Success
            What Makes an Expert?
            Managing Yourself
            Learning to Embrace Failure
            Messy Problems
            Curiosity and Endless Education
            Making the Hard Choices

Week IV
(September 15, 17)
Emerson, Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes, 129-170
            Pursuing Members' Meanings
Nathan, My Freshman Year, vii-89
            Welcome to "Any U"
            Life in the Dorms
            Community and Diversity
            As Others See Us
LaFleur, Rob's Style Sheet, 1-30 (handout)

Week V
(September 22, 24)
Emerson, Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes, 171-200
            Processing Fieldnotes: Coding and Memoing
Nathan, My Freshman Year, 90-168
            Academically Speaking
            The Art of College Management
            Lessons From My Year as a Freshman
            Afterword: Ethics and Ethnography

Week VI
(September 29, October 1)
Rosovsky, The University: An Owner's Manual, 9-156
            Preface: The Concept
            A Letter of Introduction
            Two Thirds of the Best
            A Dean's Day
            The University College: Selectivity and Admission
            Making Choices
            The Purposes of Liberal Education
            One Version of the Core
            Graduate Students: Welcome to the Ancient and Universal...

Week VII
(October 6, 8)
Rosovsky, The University: An Owner's Manual, 157-300
            Academic Life: Some Virtues, Some Vices
            Tenure: The Meaning of Tenure
            Tenure: A Model Case
            Burnout, Envy, and Other Forms of Pain
            The University as Marketplace
            University Governance: Seven Principles...
            Postscript: Omissions and Conclusions

(Midterm Break)

Click here for the other half of this two-part syllabus post:
INIT 100: Weeks 1-8                  INIT 100: Weeks 9-16

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