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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Owned (1)—Slow Couple

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2 August 2014—China's Lunar Calendar 2014 08-04
2 August 2013—China's Lunar Calendar 2013 08-04
2 August 2012—The Accidental Ethnographer: Mammoth, Masterful, Immortal China
2 August 2011—Longevity Mountain: Stone Cold Poetic
[a] Fat Tire RF
So I was riding along the canal path the other day—it was the second half of my ride, after a very leisurely first half. I was moving along at a formidable clip (this is distinctly how I remember it), and feeling rather good about myself, my fitness, and my form as July began its last turn toward August.

Good stuff.

As always, I slowed down on the path when I saw an "elderly" couple resting on a bench. I always try to be polite when I pass walkers, resters, dogs, and other people who are not flying along at my impressive pace. 

It's the least I can do—a kind of cycling benevolence (仁), to my mind.

As I passed the couple, noting not inconsequential girth (I know a thing or two about that), I smiled with communal affection and empathy...
[b] Canal RF

...and now, I fear...a wee bit of condescension...

And then I powered off, churning along for the intense (to my mind) final thirty minutes of my workout.

No let-ups. Just "flying."

And what happened just about ten minutes from home?

Well that "elderly" couple flew by me with nary a word—moving at least ten miles per hour (I have converted this) faster than moi. It was like I was standing still...with at least a five-minute, and probably more, head start.


Tonight, I drink a toast to the couple, and vow to smile with greater respect and understanding in the future.
[c] Owned RF


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