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Monday, August 24, 2015

Ponder College Syllabus 2015 (b)

On this date on Round and Square's History 
[a] Pond College RF
Click here for the other half of this two-part syllabus post:
INIT 100: Weeks 1-8                  INIT 100: Weeks 9-16

Ponder College
INIT 100, First-Year Initiatives
Autumn 2015
TTh 10:00-11:50 AM
Robert André LaFleur                                                             Office Hours:
Morse Ingersoll 111                                                                 Tuesday           2:00-3:30
363-2005                                                                                   Thursday         2:00-3:30                                                                    …or by appointment

Required Books           
Allitt, Patrick. I'm the Teacher, You're the Student.
Bain, Ken. What the Best College Teachers Do.
Bain, Ken. What the Best College Students Do.
Chace, William. One Hundred Semesters.
Emerson, Robert. Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes.
Kluge, P.F. Final Exam.
Martin, Roger. Brave Noises.
Nathan, Rebekah. My Freshman Year.
Rosovsky, Henry. The University: An Owner's Manual.
                            ***  ***
Fieldnote notebook (required).
The Chronicle of Higher Education (arrives in bookstore in September)

Reserve Books
Landon, Brooks. Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft.
All course books are also available at the reserve desk at the library. Since there are a limited number of each book (usually one or two), please make sure that you plan ahead if you are going to read a book on reserve. Listen in class for "reserve strategies," as well.

Course Description 
In this seminar, we will explore the changing world of liberal arts education. Beginning with the playful “foundation” of a fictional college created by the instructor, we will examine the role of small colleges in a vast system of American higher education

While learning about classes, academic requirements, and student life at Beloit College (something we share with all FYI students), our seminar will explore the ways that colleges perceive their histories, how they “sell” themselves, and even how they run their business operations. In the process, we will read a wide array of stories, novels, memoirs, financial reports, and educational treatises that speak to the role of education in a rapidly changing twenty-first century.

We will not limit ourselves to the American liberal arts college, either. The idea to put talented students and creative teachers together in small classes has caught on in a few parts of the world, and we will learn how these colleges look and operate in Hong Kong, Japan, India, and several parts of Europe. In the process, students will gain a distinctive perspective on the work that they will be doing right up until their own college graduations in 2019.

Quizzes                       15% 
Fieldnotes                    15%
Rewrites                       15
Ponder Letter               30%
Final Presentation        25%

Class attendance and participation is expected.  

Ponder College
INIT 100.12
Week IX
(October 20, 22)
Allitt, I'm the Teacher, You're the Student, 1-238
            The Introductory Course
            Getting Ready
            Early Class Meetings
            The Discussion and Lecture Routine
            Educators' Excursions
            Technology and Technique
            Papers and Plagiarism
            Treats and Tribulations
            Radicals and Patriots
            The Conscious Professor
            Long Dry Spouts and Levels Unheard Of
            Mid-Term Misconceptions
            A Dry Pleasure
            Vietnam as Ancient History
            First Drafts, Draft Dodgers, and Deadlines
            From the Hitler-Stalin Pack to the Peace Treat
            Inflated Grades and Sentiments
            Finals and Farewells
            Appendix: Syllabus, Handouts, and Exam Answers

Week X
(October 27, 29)
Chace, One Hundred Semesters, ix-176
            I Knew Exactly What I Was Doing
            Haverford—the Guilty Reminder
            And All Will Be Well
            The Readiness Is All
            Berkeley: Thoroughly Unready
            The Discipline of Literature
            A New Kind of Proletariat
            Going South
            Reading in Jail
            Poetry and Politics
            The Storehouse of Knowledge
            Unfolding the Origami of Teaching
            Tenure and Its Discontents
            Tenure Tested
            Teaching and Its Discontents
            The English Department in Disarray

Week XI
(November 3, 5)
Chace, One Hundred Semesters, 177-338
            Why Join the Administration?
            Exchanging Reflections for Action
            Diversity University
            Marching to a Different Drummer
            The Puzzle of Leadership
            Looking at Success; Looking at Failure
            Learning and Then Leaving
            A School with Aspirations
            Being a Proprietor
            Real and Imaginary Power
            "A King of Infinite Space"

Week XII
(November 10, 12)
Kluge, Final Exam (novel)

(hard copy in my office—MI 111)

(November 17, 19)
Emerson, Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes, 201-248
            Writing an Ethnography

Week XIV
(November 24)
Final FYI Meeting

Click here for the other half of this two-part syllabus post:
INIT 100: Weeks 1-8                  INIT 100: Weeks 9-16
[b] Ponder Rays RF

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