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Monday, August 10, 2015

Causal Contingencies (1)—New Rochelle (Virginia)

[a] Generic shot RF
O.k., this "can't happen." That is why it is featured on "Causal Contingencies" (check the introduction. Mt. Vernon has the game in hand, and an exuberant player on that team heaves the ball into the air in celebration, just before time runs out. 

It is a glorious moment, and many champions (and their families and fans) have enjoyed just such a spectacle.

Except Mt. Vernon lost (sorry George and Martha, but you've done all right for yourselves).

It couldn't happen, and (this is the point of this entire series) a fiction editor would cross it out in red and note that "this preposterous...please fix it."

Except that it really, actually, happened.

We try to avoid cliché on Round and Square, but truth is...(you know the rest).

Really. This can't happen.

But it did. 

"Causal." "Contingency." Stay tuned.

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