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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kanji Mastery—Radical 48 (Work)

[a] Re: Constructed RF
"Work" is one of the most straightforward and, indeed, workmanlike characters among the 214 radicals of the Chinese language. Consisting of three straight strokes (horizontal top, vertical middle, and horizontal bottom), even the most imaginative brush-wielding calligrapher would struggle to make it highly distinctive. As you can see from the combinations, though, it is a versatile and, well, hardworking character.

Let's take a look at the etymology of the character, followed by a few combinations. By all means, check out the following sites for useful information on the character:

[b] Fishwork RF
Radical 48
Chinese (Mandarin): gong1  (Cantonese):gung1
Japanese (on): く,こう ku, kou  (kun): たくみ, たくむ takumi, taku(mu)

Selections from The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary.
Radical 48
E (the katakana). At left: takumi hen. (left-side "carpenter's square").
Nickname: Kana E.

KU, KOU artisan, mechanic; manufacture, work.
takumi artisan, mechanic, carpenter
taku(mu) plan; scheme

工人  こうじん  koujin                workman, craftsman    (work + person)
工兵  こうへい  kouhei               army engineers           (work + army)
工具  こうぐ   kougu                  tool, implement            (work + implement)
工事  こうじ   kouji                    construction                 (work + affair)
工房  こうぼう  koubou             (artisan's) studio          (work + building)
工学     こうがく    kougaku           engineering                  (work + study)
工員  こういん  kouin                 factory worker; artisan (work + employee)
工業  こうぎょう kougyou            industry                        (work + industry)
工費  こうひ        kouhi                   construction costs        (work + fees)
工銀  こうぎん       kougin                 wages, pay                   (work + money)
[c] Natureculture RF

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