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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Late Assignment Policy, Spring 2019

[a] Early RF
Late Assignment Policy
All Classes
Spring 2019

Robert André LaFleur                                              Office Hours:
Morse Ingersoll 206                                                  Tuesday     5:30-7:00
363-2005                                                                     Thursday   4:00-5:30                                                          ...or by appointment      

[b] Late RF
Please read carefully, especially if you 
have been in my courses before!
***  ***
All assignments for this course must be turned in by the due date (and time), or there will be a penalty. In order to be fair to students who have turned in work on time, yet taking into account the reality that everyone gets overwhelmed occasionally, I have created a late assignment policy that is meant to be fair to all concerned. 

There will be no exceptions to these rules.

Please note the following:

Weekly Quizzes 
Quizzes must be taken at the beginning of each class session. They will be collected twenty minutes after the beginning of class.

If a student comes to class “late” (and is not chronically late for class), it will be possible to make the best of the quiz at the end of class. This should be rare.

Quizzes not completed by the end of the class session receive no credit.

You may not miss class and still get credit for a quiz (even if a classmate brings you a copy).

You may do a quiz for no credit if you happen to miss class (in order to keep up with the flow of class). Just e-mail me if you would like a copy of a quiz that you have missed (no credit, though). 

Assignments Due During the Semester (Abstracts, Papers, Short Exams) 
Assignments are due in my office by the time posted on the syllabus. If you turn them in on time, I will return them to you within ten days—and often much sooner than that.
[c] Markers RF

If assignments are up to forty-eight hours late, there will be a two-point penalty* (an “88” on a paper will become an “86”, and an “8” on a short assignment will become a “7.8”). In short, if you have left things until the last minute, and cannot print your paper on time, you will have to accept a small penalty. Just chalk it up to experience and make sure that your planning is better next time. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this penalty. It is meant to provide a wake-up call (with stakes that are not too great) for those who occasionally leave things to the last minute.

If assignments are between two days and one week late, there will be a five-point penalty*—no exceptions (an “88” on a paper will become an “83” and an “8” on a ten-point short-assignment will become a “7.5”).

If assignments are over a week late, there will be a one-time ten-point penalty (an “88” will become a “78” and an “8” on a short assignment will become a “7”). 

These assignments will be accepted (with the ten-point penalty) for three weeks after the due date. There will be no credit after that date (no exceptions).

On Time:                           Full Credit
Two Days Late:                 -2 points 
Up to One Week Late:      -5 points
Over One Week Late:        -10 points
After THREE Weeks:         NO CREDIT (no exceptions)

Assignments turned in after the syllabus deadline will be graded when time permits. On-time assignments will always be given priority.
*The full version is that they are (2.0/0.2), (5.0/0.5), and 10.0/0.10) penalties, depending on the assignment. 
[d] Blooming RF

Midterm Assessment
Students who have done little written work by the beginning of ninth week (right after break) will need to drop the class. It will not be possible to continue if there have been absences and papers have not been turned in. I will send academic warnings so that students know where they stand, but there will be little chance of passing if the first two or three assignments have been missed. Do not let things get to that point—if you find yourself falling behind, please contact me. We will discuss it (

Incomplete Grades

Students who have attended class regularly and have kept up with most assignments—but have had a legitimate reasonaccording to the Dean of Students office—must get incomplete contracts from the registrar and fill them out for my signature by class time on the last day of classes (Wednesday, May 8) or they will receive failing grades. Please note that professors at Beloit College cannot give incomplete grades; students must get approval through the Dean of Students office and registrar. Talk to me about this well ahead of time if you think that you might need an incomplete for the course.

I expect all work to be turned in on time. The spirit of the late assignment policy is simply to acknowledge that sometimes everyone (even professors) falls behind. It is unacceptable to be late with numerous assignments. 

This is a course in which weekly work is fundamentally important, and late assignments week-after-week will very seriously affect your grade. Assignments are due when the syllabus states that they are due.

Please respect these deadlines—for both of our sakes!
[e] Done! RF

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