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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Theory Cartoons—Heavenly Upgrade

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[a] New Yorker 26 May 2014
Think about the "upgrade." 
[b] Premium RF

If you are of a certain age, your thoughts might wander back to simpler times, when a doughnut and coffee (or even one of those rare fast-food meals) was, well, the same for everyone (and the same cost).

Super-size. Economy Plus.

The "upgrade." Is it a recent phenomenon?

Well, yes and no (I think). Have you noticed how often you are asked whether or not you wish to pay extra for five inches of leg room...or daily coverage of major league baseball? It's hard to argue that there has not been an increase in upgrade fever.

[c] Historical RF
On the other hand, let's not kid ourselves. The Invisible Hand of capitalism has always treasured the principle that paying more gives you better stuff. Want to have box seats down by first base in Yankee Stadium? It's gonna cost you (and, yes, it did even in 1954). Want first-class airline tickets? They cost more in 1974 than a regular seat.

The theoretical issue I will be exploring in ANTH 206 this autumn is one of temporality. Has the principle always been around, but the intensity has grown greater? Or is something else at work?


I wonder if we should think about a Round and Square Premium.
[d] Upgrade RF

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