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Friday, July 4, 2014

Newsprint Nonpareil—The World On The Couch

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[a] Die Zeit ADV
Die Welt auf der Couch
The World on the Couch

Even though I have been overwhelmed (in a good way) with projects lately, and have not posted "Newsprint Nonpareil" in a few weeks, I have rushed to the little tobacco shop on the corner every Thursday morning and purchased my copy of Die Zeit

Thursday is incomplete without it, and the cover story never disappoints (even when it does...and this is not really a contradiction if you have been reading these posts).

Today, therapists from around the world peer into the souls of their patients (and tell all about them). What presses upon the Brazilian? What robs sleep from the Chinese? And what buoys Hollywood stars? 
[c] Reflections RF

These questions seem a little problematic in a social-theoretical sense, and immediately place such a focus on the individual that it plays right into the problems with many Die Zeit cover stories (and way too much Western journalism, I might add).

Still, peeking into the therapist's inner quarters, and hearing a bit about the person "on the couch" is hard to beat. I'll be busy reading about people's hidden anxieties tonight. 

So what is likely to rob the sleep of the researcher on Chinese divination tonight? 

Well, finishing the Die Zeit cover story, of course.
[d] Irony bored RF

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