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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Theory Cartoons—Conspicuous Refusal-to-Consume

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[a] New Yorker 2014 05-01
Fascinated though I am by a shirtless world leader who wrestles tigers (sort of) and kisses youthful "tummies" (didn't see that coming, did you?)...

No, it's not about Vladimir Putin at all.

What I want to consider (remember the title of this series) is the social dynamic behind the compulsion to avoid one's "normal" economic behavior. Think about that. Most of the time, we seem to follow the patterns that economists have studied and worked into a formidable art over the last century. 
[b] Dynamic RF

And yet...and yet...sometimes we are compelled to boycott—to say that "Much though I would like to consume that, I shan't...because I don't like who makes it or what it represents."

What's up with that? I am thinking micro- here, not the macro-kind that would have nation-states protesting, say, another country's aggressive move into another's territory. 

Why would some people refuse to eat Wonder Bread, while others would boycott Girl Scout cookies?

It is the stuff of theory, and it's not just the domain of economists.

Bon Appétit (or not...)...
[c] So much...not to buy RF

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