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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cultural and Intellectual History Tweets—Book Guru

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On this Date in Round and Square History
8 May 2013—China's Lunar Calendar 2013 05-08
8 May 2012—Flowers Bloom: Shakespeare's Politics
8 May 2011—Hurtin' Country: Chill of an Early Fall

[a] Outer story RF
This new Round and Square series gets right to the point...and then starts circuiting around it. We begin with a 140 character tweet about cultural-intellectual history. This is followed by an English-style haiku (with a few liberties taken here and there—hey...English ain't Japanese). We end with a nice recipe. Simple, and to-the-point (except that it really is neither of these...and that is the whole point). Oh, and I still believe in complete sentences and fully-formed wrdz (they can't always be exactly "complete" on Twitter, but, as I like to say, "you can see 'complete' from there." Sorry, but that's the way I roll. 

If the tweet is "informational" (as today), it is "true." The recipe is "real." The haiku is just, well, odd.

I would tell you more...if I had more than 140 characters with which to work (+ spld thngs fny).

[b] Inner story RF
At work with a "book guru" on a new idea, mixing history, fiction, TV, and ethnography. Only I can write it—that's not hubris (only oddity).

Inner, outer tales.
Urban, rural, wealthy, poor.
What will "China" do?

After a long day of watching Chinese television dramas, monitoring weibo (and other sites), and reading Chinese history, there is nothing like a nice, toasty, spicy Sichuan hot pot. I can taste the peppers now (辣...不怕).
[c] Hot RF

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