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Friday, May 9, 2014

Newsprint Nonpareil—What's Up With ME?

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[a] Die Zeit 2014 05-08
Eingebildete Kranke—Was hab ich bloß?
Conceited Patient—What's up with me?

Yes, I am trying to give a sense of the me, me, me side of the cover story for this week's edition of Die Zeit. It goes on to speak of the winding pilgrimage of people going from doctor to doctor with vague, unspecified complaints. They cost billions, and tax the whole system.
[b] Robust RF


It is useful to remember that this is not an American story (there is nary a word about "socialized medicine" or warnings about the ways in which government-run health care saps the very vigor of a robust society). 


This is different. It takes a look at a kind of medical narcissism that we would all do well to ponder. We have it all over the (first-) world, and these are (first-) world problems.
[c] Specific RF

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