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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Art of Warning (3)—The Big Lecture

[a] Management RF
We're ready to get underway in earnest with the actual "case studies" that will give you at least a hint of what reading the Comprehensive Mirror is like. When the book is out, a companion volume of case studies (like these, but expanded) will give readers not only the argument, but something to chew on from the actual text, as well. And let's not kid ourselves. A full translation of the Comprehensive Mirror is not just around the corner. These "cases" will be straightforward and rather unadorned in terms of explanation. I am interested in comments about how the actual memorials quoted in the Comprehensive Mirror connect with your understanding of the key lessons—roles, hierarchy, and remonstrance. Think of them as the emperor. These writers were "the emperor's teacher(s)."
[b] Art RF

Here is my audition lecture for The Teaching Company. Well, it is "here" if you e-mail me. I have agreed with the company that I will not make it completely "public." It is fine to distribute (and for you to share), but you have to ask me first. Just e-mail me at the following address (cut and paste), and I'll send you a Dropbox invitation for the lecture.

It's my management book (parts one and two of three) in thirty-six minutes, and it's in audio format. This might be the start of something big on Round and Square...podcasts. 

Who knows? 

Fair "warning."

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