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Monday, March 24, 2014

Wonder Wines (2)—Shoe Opener

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[a] "I've got it" RF
O.k., so you have settled into your nice hotel room after a long day at the conference. You can imagine nothing better than taking off your shoes, running a hot bubble bath, and then completing the relaxing journey with a nice glass of wine. It's right there on the cabinet, and you suddenly think to yourself..."a glass of wine and a hot bath sounds splendid." You open the drawer and look for the corkscrew (it's a nice bottle, with a real cork...cork). Nothing. You look in your luggage and shaving/cosmetics kit. Nothing. And there you are, buck naked and standing in the midst of a slow realization that you are going to have to use a glass cutter, your Swiss Army knife (this one lacks a corkscrew), or some kind of bottled magic.
[b] Nope RF


Just go get those dress shoes you just took off. Stick the base of the wine bottle in the shoe, find yourself a sturdy (stone, cement) wall, and start pounding. 

Then the janitor will come by with his (or her) broom and wonder why you are pounding your shoe against the basement your birthday suit (wear a towel, for god's sake).

A life saver for the tired, desperate, oenophile.

It's tough to beat that.

Physics. It's a beautiful thing.
[c] Corkscrew RF

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