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Friday, March 21, 2014

Newsprint Nonpareil—The Price of Love

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[a] "Wieviel macht das?" ADV
Der Preis der Lieben...The Price of Love.

Wieviel kostet das? We are used to asking the "how much'll that be?" question when we are in the hardware store. Today, however, the venerable weekly Die Zeit has taken it to a new level, asking a key set of questions surrounding what we might term "the microeconomics of passion...and steadfastness.

Is it cheaper to be single?

That's more complicated than it might seem, but it is possible that Norwegian bachelor farmers are onto something...or are they? It is appropriate that the editors have "filed" this story under "Soziologie." It's all of that...

As always, Die Zeit is thorough with its "cover" stories. I am just starting to go through it, and I already see connections to my current work here in German on "the microeconomics of divination practices." If you read German, check it out. If you don't, still...take a look. You might be surprised.

[b] Lines of reality RF

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