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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Endings (2)—Fargo

[a] Officer Marge RF
[b] Fargo RF
This is the scene that brings the movie full circle, and I consider it here the "ending" to the circuitous events set in motion by the opening scene. Note the symmetry of cars, cold, and music. I have two versions of the scene below.  The first gives almost nothing away; the second does. The only problem with the second one (if you have seen the movie before) is that the sound and picture are a little bit "off."

In any case, here is Marge Gunderson—life poet and supercop.
Fargo "ending"

Fargo "ending" (spoiler alert)

Fargo trailer (spoiler alert--sort of)

[c] Exeunt
This is followed by a lackluster "chase" scene and then the real ending. Fargo is often remembered for several short, gruesome scenes (notably the woodchipper, which I have never found particularly "gruesome," even though I am a complete wimp when it comes to movie images). The conclusion takes it to a "new level," though. It is hard not to think of the Coen brothers as sentimentalists in the final scene.

Of all the curve balls in the film, I never saw this coming (and that is entirely a good thing—it is a terrific ending).
   Fargo—final scene
   No video at this time.

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