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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kanji Mastery—Radical 46 (Mountain)

[a] Fuji   RF
"Mountain" is an ancient graph in East Asian writing, with weaving, sinuous veins that worked their way into all aspects of life. Chinese officials who tired of the official rat-race would (so the stories go) retire "to the mountains," and hermits (Daoist or otherwise) were said to live there in order to avoid the taint of society. In Japan, during its Warring States (sengoku) period (c. 1450- c.1600), mountains provided borders, fortifications, and hiding places for enemies (depending on one's perspective). In Korea, the great lines of mountains down the peninsula created natural borders that would, in turn, become political ones in various states as they developed.

Let's take a look at the etymology of the character, followed by a few combinations. By all means, check out the following sites for useful information on the character:

Radical 46
Chinese (Mandarin): shan1  (Cantonese): saan1
Japanese (on): さん san  (kun): やま yama
Korean: 산 san

Selections from The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary.
Radical 46
Yama mountain. At left: yamahen. Nickname: Mountain
SAN mount, mountain
yama mountain, hill, height, knoll, heap, pile; crown (of a hat); seam (of an obi); speculation, adventure; climax, acme, crisis; forest; mine.

山刀  やまがたな yamagatana     woodman's hatchet
山口  やまぐち  yamaguchi        start of a climb
山川  やまがわ  yamagawa        mountain stream
山中  やまなか  yamanaka            in the mountains (on alternate: さんちゅう)
山山  やまやま  yamayama        very much
山田     やまだ     yamada               rice fields in the hills
山男  やまおとこ yamaotoko        wild man; woodsman; hillbilly
山嵐  やまあらし yama arashi      mountain storm
山椒  さんしょう sanshou            black pepper
山賊  さんぞく       sanzoku               mountain bandit

[b] Shrine  RF

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