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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kanji Mastery—Radical 198 (Deer)

[a] Fawning  RF
Radical 198—Deer
A selection from The New Nelson Japanese English Character Dictionary

Shika deer. At left: shika hen. As enclosure: (add another element below 鹿—see below). Nickname: Deer.
鹿  ロク しか; deer.
麈 しゅ; reindeer, moose.
麋  ビ ミ; reindeer; water's edge; eyebrow.
麑  ゲイ  こじか; fawn, young deer, Kagoshima.
麒  キ; giraffe  (—きりん; giraffe/児—きりんじ; young prodigy).

麗  レン ライ   うらら (か)な うらわ (しい); beautiful, bright, clear.
麕  キン のろ; roe deer.
麓  ロク   ふもと; foot of a mountain.
麝  ジャ; musk deer (麝香—じゃこう musk  /  麝香鼠—じゃこうなずみ muskrat)
麤  ソ; rough, coarse [1]

[1]The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary (North Clarendon VT: Tuttle Publishing, 1997), 1220-1221.

All photos—Nara (Japan), May 2005

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