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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

HIST 150: Fifty Analects Assignment, Spring 2019

On this date on Round and Square's History 
[a] Confucian RL
Fifty Analects
Midterm Assignment 
HIST 150
Spring 2019
Now that you have read multiple translations of Confucius's Analects, and studied a range of books about the Analects and the surrounding Confucian tradition, your "job" is to choose thirty (30) to fifty (50) passages in the text (the latter is about 1/10 of the complete Analects). Really think about it (them), and choose wisely. You will be "living" with those passages for the remainder of the course.

[2] Here are the rules. You must choose one passage from each chapter (juan) of the Analects. Go through the text and choose one from each chapter. Start there.
That leaves ten to thirty that you may choose from anywhere you wish in the text. 

Thirty is the absolute minimum. Pick those first. You may surprise yourself by adding others as you work. Get started early (that is why I have moved the assignment "back").

Type them out in a word document. No matter what form you choose (see below), you must write the chapter (juan) and number from the Analects in the following manner: "2.1". Do not write it in any other way (2,1, 2-1, j.2/1, or anything else).

You may choose any of the following four options for your main text.
     [a] Write down the Chinese characters
         [2.1] 為政以德譬如北辰居其所而眾星共之  (put in punctuation only if you wish).
     [b] Write down an English translation (all fifty) from "one" translator (e.g. Annping Chin)
     [c] Write down your "favorite" English translation from any author you choose.
     [d] Write the Chinese and an English translation (perhaps yours?)...Note the author.

Once you have all fifty passages in a Word file (get started early because 1-3 are only the first third of the assignment), write an essay of 2,000 words (don't be afraid to go higher; you might surprise yourself). Your essay should "review" your thirty-fifty choices. What themes can you find in your choices? Why did you choose them? Write an essay about your passages, using all of the skills you have developed in textual analysis,  
***  ***
Due in my office (MI 206)
by 5:00 p.m on Sunday, March 31.
[b] Relentless RF
Add the word count and your Beloit College mailbox number to all papers!

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