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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Historical Thought Essay III Spring 2017

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[a] Reworking RF
Historical Thought Essay III
All Classes
Spring 2017

Read all assigned class materials, and reread the two papers you have already turned in. Follow the directions below carefully. A paper copy of this essay (and all supporting materials) are due outside my office (MI 111) by Wednesday, March 1 at 10:00 p.m.

[1] Read the comments on your first and second essays (you will receive them by Monday, February 20.

[2] Now pick up your second essay (since you will be reworking that paper...and not just making minor, cosmetic changes). With any pen color other than green make your own comments about how you will improve your writing in future assignments.

[3] After going carefully through your second essay, make a one-page plan for rewriting your second paper. Incorporate all of the things that you would like to change, and make a brief outline for a slightly longer paper (with more examples).

[4] Finally, write an essay of 1,500 words (about five pages) explaining what you think that historical thought (or historical imagination) relation to the primary sources you have studied. Now you are using actual primary sources (look up this phrase if you are not sure about it). Do not only use the sources you used in your second paper. Add new ones, and improve the writing.

[5] Students in all classes must add an illustration to the essay (think about our New York Review of Books discussions). Use a new illustration (different from the second paper).

[6] Turn in the second paper (with your notes), the outline and comments sheet, and the new (third, rewritten) paper as a complete package. I will provide you with clips for this in class. 
***  ***
Rewriting is a very important skill, and you need to master it to be an effective writer. Put together everything you have learned this semester from the New York Review of Books, your readings, our class discussions, and more. Make this the best paper you have ever written.

***  ***
Papers (and all other materials) are due in my office (MI 111)
by 10:00 p.m on Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Add the word count and your Beloit College mailbox number to all papers!
[b] Hovering, Pondering RF