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Saturday, November 10, 2018

HIST 310: The Other Studies Another, Spring 2019 (a)

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HIST 310: Weeks 1-8                        HIST 310: Weeks 9-16
[a] More than a Trifle RF
The Other Studies Another
French Scholars of Chinese Culture 
Spring 2019 
7:10-11:00 p.m. 
Robert André LaFleur                                                     Office Hours:
Morse Ingersoll 206                                                         Tuesday      4:00-5:30 
363-2005                                                                           Thursday    4:00-5:30                                                            ...or by appointment        

Required Books          
La Tour de la France par deux enfants 
Mauss, Manual of Ethnography (Berhgahn Books)
Durkheim, Emile. Selected Writings 
Fournier, Marcel. Marcel Mauss: A Biography 
Granet, Marcel. Chinese Civilization (.pdf file/Word file)
Granet, Marcel. Chinese Thought (.pdf file/Word file)
Granet, Marcel. Festivals and Songs in Ancient China 
Granet, Marcel. The Religion of the Chinese People (.pdf)
Higonnet, Patrice. Paris: Capital of the World 
Kern, Stephen. The Culture of Time and Space: 1880-1918 
Steven Lukes. Emile Durkheim: His Life and Work 
Verne, Jules. Around the World in Eighty Days  
Weber, Eugene. Peasants into Frenchmen 
Robb, Graham. Discovery of France 
James, Wendy. Marcel Mauss: A Centenary Tribute 
Mauss, Marcel. The Gift. 
Tuchman, Barbara. The Guns of August 

***  *** 
Weekly Quizzes (15)                                                  15%
Biographical Letter                                                     15%
Biographical Review Essay                                        15%
Seminar Paper                                                            55% 
Class attendance and participation is expected.  More than one absence will significantly affect your grade.  Late assignments will be penalized. 
[b] Triumphal RF
In this advanced seminar, we investigate the manner in which history and anthropology, two “total” disciplines (each considering all aspects of human life their purview), have engaged “the other”—different cultures, social classes, and economic groupings, to name just a few.  

The seminar will begin with an overview of the history of significant cultural interactions from earliest times (particularly Homer, Herodotus, and Sima Qian) to the present.  

The bulk of the seminar is devoted to careful study of French engagement with the outside world, as well as the disparate elements of a growing and changing French countryside in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries.  

Students will use the skills that they develop in their study of French anthropologie et histoire to prepare their own essays on specific traditions of engaging the other.
History 310
The Other Studies Another: French Studies of China
Spring 2019

Week I (January 22)
Jules Verne. Around the World in Eighty Days 
xxx. La tour de la France par deux enfants (.pdf file)

Week II (January 29)     
Biographical “works” on Marcel Granet, Emile Durkheim, and Marcel Mauss 
Granet, The Religion of the Chinese People: 1-29
                  Maurice Freedman, “Marcel Granet, 1884-1940, Sociologist”         
Stein, The World in Miniature: 1-3
                      In Memory of Marcel Granet                                                      
Stephen Kern. The Culture of Time and Space: 1880-1918 
                       The Nature of Time
                  The Past
                  The Present
                  The Future
                  The Nature of Space
                  Temporality of the July Crisis
                  The Cubist War

Week III (February 5)               
Marcel Granet. Festivals and Songs in Ancient China
                  I    The Love Songs of the Shih Ching 
                        How to Read a Classic                                                      
                        Rustic Themes                                                                 
                        Village Loves                                                                  
                        Songs of the Rivers and Mountains                       
                  II   The Ancient Festivals 
                        Local Festivals                                                  
                        Facts and Interpretations                                    
                        The Seasonal Rhythm                                         
                        The Holy Places                                                
                        The Contests                                                                 
Marcel Granet. The Religion of the Chinese People: 33-156
                  Peasant Religion
                              Rural Life
                              Holy Places and Peasant Festivals
                              Ancient Beliefs
                              Popular Mythology and Folklore
                  Feudal Religion
                              The Life of the Nobles
                              The Cult of Heaven
                              Agrarian Cults
                              The Cult of the Ancestors
                  The Official Religion
                              The Literati
                              Orthodox Metaphysics and Morality
                              Cults and Beliefs
                  Religious Revivals
                  Religious Sentiment in Modern China

Week IV (February 12) 
Steven Lukes. Emile Durkheim: His Life and Work
                  Part One: Youth: 1858-87 
                        The Ecole  Normale Supérieure
                        The New Science of Sociology
                        Visit to Germany            
                  Part Two: Bordeaux: 1887-1902 
                        Durkheim at Bordeaux
                        The Theory and Practice of Education
                        Social Solidarity and the Division of Labor
                        The Family and Kinship
                        The Method and Subject Matter of Sociology
                        The Sociology of Religion-I
                        The History of Socialism
                        The Sociology of Law and Politics
                        The History of Sociology
                        The Année sociologique 
                        The Reception of Durkheim’s Ideas
                        Socialism, the Dreyfus Affair and Secular Education 
                  Part Three: Paris: 1902-1917 
                        Durkheim at the Sorbonne
                        The History of Education in France
                        Durkheimian Sociology: Its Context and Relation to Other Disciplines
                        The Sociology of Morality
                        The Sociology of Knowledge
                        The Sociology of Religion-II
                        Pragmatism and Sociology
                        Durkheim and His Critics
                        Practical Concerns
                        The War
Anthony Giddens. Emile Durkheim: Selected Writings, 1-50
                        Durkheim’s writings in sociology and social philosophy

Week V (February 19)   
Marcel Fournier. Marcel Mauss: A Biography
                  Part I: Durkheim’s Nephew 
                        Épinal, Bordeaux, Paris
                        Student at the École Pratique des Haute Études
                        Rites of Institution: Early Publications and Travel Abroad 
                  Part II: The Totem and Taboo Clan 
                        In the Cenacle
                        Citizen Mauss
                        Rue Saint-Jacques
                        Journalist at Humanité
                        Collective Madness
                        A Heated Battle at the Collège de France: The Loisy Affair
                        Not a Very Funny War 
                  Part III: The Heir 
                        (The Socialist) Life Goes On
                        A Burdensome Inheritance
                        The Institute d’Ethnologie
                        Sociology, a Lost Cause? 
                  Part IV: Recongition 
                        A Place at the Collège de France
                        Where Professors Devour One Another
                        Enough to Make You Despair of Politics
                        The Time of Myths
                        Epilogue: The War and Postwar Years

Week VI (February 26)  
Mauss, Manual of Ethnography
Anthony Giddens, Emile Durkheim: Selected Writings, 51-268
                        Durkheim’s writings in sociology and social philosophy
                        The field of sociology
                        Methods of explanation and analysis
                        The Science of Morality
                        Moral obligation, duty and freedom
                        Forms of social solidarity
                        The division of labour and social differentiation
                        Analysis of socialist doctrines
                        Anomie and the moral structure of industry
                        Political sociology
                        The social bases of education
                        Religion and ritual
                        Secularisation and rationality
                        Sociology of knowledge

Week VII (March 5)             
Marcel Granet. Chinese Civilization (selections)
          Book Two: The Foundation of the Chieftainships               
                         Holy Places and Cities                                                               
                        Diffused Powers and Individual Authority                                     
                        Male Gods and Chieftains                                                          
                        Rivalries of Brotherhoods                                                                       
                        The Agnatic Dynasties                                                                
                        The Increments of Prestige                                                          
                        The Principles of Infeudation                                                       
            Book Three—The Seigniorial Town
                  The Town                                                                                 
                  The Overlord                                                                            
                  Public Life                                                                               
                  Private Life                                                                               
            Book Four—Society at the Beginning of the Imperial Era   
                       The Emperor                                                                             
                  Social Changes                                                                          
Marcel Granet. Chinese Thought (selections) 
           Book One: xxx
            Book Two: xxx             

            Book Three—xxx

            Book Four—xxx  


Week VIIISpring Break

Week IX (March 21)—Note Thursday Meeting 
Marcel Mauss, The Gift 
Marcel Mauss, The Concept of the Person (.pdf file) 
Wendy James. Marcel Mauss: A Centenary Tribute 

Week X (March 26)        
Graham, The Discovery of France 
            Part One 
                  The Undiscovered Continent
             The Tribes of France, I
             The Tribes of France, II
             O Òc Sí Bai Ya Win Ou Oyi Awè Jo Ja Oua
             Living in France I: The Face in the Museum
             Living in France II: A Simple Life
             Fairies, Virgins, Gods, and Priests
             Migrants and Commuters
             Interlude: The Sixty Million Others
        Part Two
             Travelling in France I: The Avenues of Paris
             Travelling in France II: The Hare and the Tortoise
             The Wonders of France
             The Postcards of the Natives
              Lost Provinces
              Journey to the Centre of France
             Epilogue: Secrets
Week XI  (April 2) 
Eugene Weber. Peasants into Frenchmen: The Modernization of Rural France
                  Part I: The Way Things Were 
                  A Country of Savages
                  The Mad Beliefs
                  The King’s Foot
                  Alone With One’s Fellows
                  From Justice, Lord, Deliver Us!
                  A Wealth of Tongues
                  France, One and Indivisible
                  The Working of the Land
                  Give Us This Day
                  From ‘Subsistance’ to ‘Habitat’
                  The Family 
             Part II: The Agencies of Change 
                       Roads, Roads, and Still More Roads
                  Keeping Up With Yesterday
                  Rus in Urbe
                  Peasants and Politics
                  Migration: An Industry of the Poor
                  Migration of Another Sort: Military Service
                  Civilizing in Earnest: Schools and Schooling
                  Dieu Et-il Français?
                  The Priests and the People
             Part III: Change and Assimilation 
                       The Way of All Feasts
                  Markets and Fairs
                  The Oral Wisdom
                  Fled is That Music
                  Le Papier Qui Parle
                  Wring Out the Old
                  Cultures and Civilization

Week XII (April 9)   
Patrice Higonnet. Paris: Capital of the World 
                  A City of Myths
                  Capital of the Modern Self
                  Capital of Revolution
                  Mysterious Capital of Crime
                  Negative Myths of La Parisienne
                  Capital of Science
                  Reading the Parisian Myths
                  Capital of Alienation
                  Paris in the World
                  Three Literary Visions
                  Capital of Pleasure
                  The American Imagination
                  From Myth to Phantasmagoria
                  The Surrealists’ Quest
                  Capital of Art
                  A Universal City

Week XIII (April 16)      
Barbara Tuchman. The Guns of August 
                        A Funeral   
                        "Let the Last Man on the RIght Brush the Channel with his Sleeve"
                        The Shadow of Sedan
                        "A Single British Soldier"
                        The Russian Steam Roller 
                         August 1: Berlin
                         August 1: Paris and London
                         Ultimatum in Brussels
                         "Home Before the Leaves Fall"
                         "Goeben...An Enemy Then Flying"
                         Liege and Alsace
                         BEF to the Continent
                         Sambre et Meuse
                         Debacle: Lorraine, Ardennes, Charleroi, Mons
                         "The Cossacks Are Coming"
                         The Flames of Louvain
                          Blue Water, Blockade, and the Great Neutral
                          The Front is Paris
                          Von Kluck's Turn
                          "Gentlemen, We Will Fight on the Marne"

Week XIV (April 23)   
xxx. xxx 

Week XV  (April 30)  
xxx. xxx 
 Final Papers Due by 5:00 p.m. on xxx  

Click here for the other half of this two-part syllabus post:
HIST 310: Weeks 1-8                        HIST 310: Weeks 9-16

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