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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Zweirad Szenen (3)—Warm Willkommen

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After the long climb (gradual, and possible—while in good fitness—to speed up the whole route) is wonderful to receive a warm welcome into Kalchreuth. It's the top of the hill, and, even though it probably wouldn't even be a fourth category climb in the Tour de France, local cyclists from the entire Nürnberg-Erlangen area all train here (and race past me as I make my own way forward). 

I have the last laugh, though, because I truly embrace the wonderful hug that the little town gives me when I arrive. They just head downhill. I might even stop in for a coffee and a pretzel (heck, maybe even a beer).

While welcomes are not unknown throughout the world, it is less common to have warm and affectionate goodbyes. Stay tuned.

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