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Monday, June 30, 2014

Roll Tide Guy—Passing the Torch

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[a] I'm Innocent...Roll Tide PD
I'm Innocent...
Roll Tide

But now that I have your attention,I want to tell you that I will be going away for a while. 

This is how it works, and I plan to serve my time, "keep my nose clean" (as Detective Rockford said in the 1970s), and maybe show up for a cameo on Round and Square every once in a while.
[b] One kind of autumn festival RF

For the month of July, though, RSQ readers are off to Bavaria. 

I am proud to be able to introduce my successor the next month of posts. He (this is an assumption based upon clothing, but I could well be wrong) will tell you as much about Bavaria as I have taught about Alabama.

There will even be some football, too.

Please welcome...Lederhosen Pug.

Roll Tide.
[c] Just for a moment RF
[Originally posted on June 30, 2014]

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