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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

French Bulldog Puppy—André and Julien

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One year ago on Round and Square (6 February 2012)—The Emperor's Teacher: Table of Contents (a)

[a] French Musings PD
I don't know who you are, 
but I will find you...[1]

...and tell you that I never get tired of the story of action and adventure that I first read in pup-school back in the day. It is about two young orphans who steal away in the middle of the night from German-occupied Phalsbourg (in the wake of my country's terrible defeat in the Franco-Prussian War).
[c] Almost Württemberg (for a while) RF

They begin a dangerous trek toward their homeland, their motherland, La France. 

Even though I know the story well, I am always thrilled to see how André uses his schooling to read a challenging wall map in the home of a ranger...and then the stars twinkling above.

And little Julien is as cute as...well, as cute as moi

A friend of mine has worked up a brief translation here, just in case you are interested

      [1] I like Liam's opening, and he gave me a box of biscuits to use it for the rest of the week.

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