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Friday, January 18, 2013

Channeling Liam—Celsius

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[a] Liamspeak PD
I don't know who you are, 
but I will find you...

...and I will tell you that, if you travel, Centigrade and Fahrenheit 
conversionsare really quite simple. I'm assuming that you're and
American who is uncomfortable with the "metric system."

Just memorize the "fives" (this will take you ten minutes).

Now multiply the remaining degrees by two. 
[b] 27C and falling RF

Then add or subtract, as appropriate.

You will always be within a degree or so
(if you are meticulous, multiply by 1.8 
and you'll nail it).

C     F
0 =  32
5 =  41
10 = 50
15 = 59
20 = 68
25 = 77
30 = 86
35 = 95
40 = 104
(yes, it works below zero, too)

So the bank thermometer in Toulouse reads "27." 

25C is 77F (you have memorized this).

Now take the additional two (27-25=2, after all)...
...and multiply by 2.
2 x 2 = 4

Voilà (it's actually 80.6, which you would have known if you used 1.8).
[c] Global Conversion RF

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