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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


[a] Centered textile    RF
"Middles?" I hear you cry..."Isn't it enough to torment us with a seemingly endless stream of beginnings and endings?"

I am not sure where to start, but let's begin with the...middle. This is only the third of five categories in a cluster of posts that examine where things start, stop, and continue. You haven't even begun to hear (yet) about precursors and the aftermath. You didn't think I would forget Star Wars, did you?

But back to the middle. What does that even mean? Middles? Isn't that everything stuffed between the beginning and the ending?

[b] Pimento   RF

From quiche fillings to the long plots of nineteenth century novels—and state capitals and raisins in bread—we will explore the concept of the middle, and we will not cease (that would be an ending) until we have covered middle ages, fingers, class, schools, names, and siblings, to name just a few. We'll study knees and pimentos and textiles before moving on to highway center lines, fifty-yard lines, center court, and the pitcher's mound. And halftime and seventh-inning stretches (trust me). And spring break.
[c] Centered    RF

Middles are so broad, so vague, and so undefined that our pursuit will be absolutely impossible...and exhilarating. But enough introduction. This is about middles. Let's get sta..., er, middled.  Let's dive into the morass.

Middles (1)—North Dakota
Trust me.

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