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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Confucius and the World Final Assignment 2019

Confucius and the World
Confucian Finale
[a] Discussion RF
I am giving you five different options for your final assignment for this course. Keeping in mind the "flipped classroom" nature of our seminar, and hoping to make you bring what you have learned into your ongoing life, I have tried to make it "real" for you.

I have not been especially "prescriptive" with this assignment. In other words, I would like you to take the freedom I am giving you and make the most of it. 

Here are the five options. For every one of them, focus on the text. The only way that you could do badly on this assignment is to ignore the close study that you have done on the Analects, the lectures, and the accompanying books in this class. Stick to the text, and then move outward from there.
[b] Confucius-Centered RF

[1]  Write about an event in our world (or, if you wish, one in world history), and analyze how Confucius or his students might have approached it. In other words, ask yourself how Confucius might perceive climate change, the fire at Notre-Dame, or another matter. Be careful not to (simply) state your own views with a light smattering of Confucian quotations.

[2] Write a piece of historical fiction. Take a theme from the Analects and (using the historical thinking that you have learned this semester) write a story around it. Keep it grounded in the text of the Analects; the best historical fiction balances story with sources.

[3] Expand one lecture from the Great Courses. Each lecture is about 5,000 words long (fifteen pages). Imagine that you have been asked to make it 3,000 words longer. What would you add? Keep it grounded in the text of the Analects.

[4] The Great Courses lectures focus upon four students of Confucius. Add one more. Write a 3,000 word essay about one more student (or figure in the text) or expand the profile of one of the students already covered.

[5] Do something else that you really want to do. Just talk to me about the plan first. 
 ***  ***
 Papers must be 3,000 words long (about ten pages) and focus upon the Analects and what you have learned in this class. 
[c] Followers RF

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