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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Confucius and the World Midterm Assignment (Spring 2015)

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Confucius and the World
History 150
Spring 2015
"The Five Analects"

The Assignment
Choose five passages from The Analects and write a 3,000 word review essay examining themes within and between them. You may choose any combination of passages that you wish. Options include five passages about the same general theme (e.g. 仁 "humanity/benevolence/goodness"), five passages that deal with different themes, or any pattern that you wish. Use what you have learned about review essay writing from the New York Review of Books, and make sure that you examine all of the translations that we have considered thus far in the course (Lau, Chin, and Slingerland). 
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I strongly encourage you to examine Analects passages you have chosen from the books we have not yet read. These are available on library reserve, and it should not take long to find the passages. Think over the passages and draft the essay. 

Due in MI 111 by 10:00 p.m. on Friday, March 20.

Reading the Sources 
This assignment is for an analysis of Analects passages, not a traditional persuasive essay. It is meant to give you a hands-on experience in working with specific passages (sources, really). 

Writing the Paper
Audience, audience, audience.  As you begin to write your paper, have a clear audience in mind. In this case, you should imagine your fellow students in HIST 150 and the Chinese studies faculty at Beloit College—in other words, people who (unlike your letter audience) know a good deal about Confucius and The Analects. Learning to write for different audiences is key to success in anything you do in the future. This is meant to hone your skills.

Don't let this go too long. You could choose your sources right now, and finish a first draft a week before the paper is due. Don't delay!
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