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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Power of Five (5)—Pharmacies

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[a] Tyrannosaurus Rx RF
Below, I list the "Five Pharmacies."

What? (I hear you cry). Are you trying to bore us to to tears with "cosmological" linkages of obscure little compartments of our lives? 

Well, yes. 

That is exactly what I'm trying to do (at least the "obscure little compartment" part). Remember, the purpose of Round and Square is to overthink everything. This is our editorial mission, and the goal is for all of us to realize that those little, forgotten things actually can be quite important to who we are and what we do.
[b] Medicine RF

Now, think about it. Our lives—from just after birth to right before death—twirl and orbit around pharmacies. From diaper cream and teething gel to hemorrhoid ointment and denture cleaners, pharmacies lurk at our fronts and our rears. 

Now, I'll admit that the topic just sort of popped into my consciousness the other I stood in an aisle smelling vaguely of shaving cream and mouthwash. There, I pondered what kind of goop to put on a bug-bite welt

Then I started thinking about pharmacies...and totality. These "fives" are meant to encompass the totality of pharmaceutical the United States.

Together, they will.
[c] Historical RF

Although I am usually wary about revealing too much about the "magic" of choosing the five (such is the great power of Oz), I should note that you will not find some of the most common pharmacies in the country on this list. This includes any place that really has much, much more going on (like full-service groceries and electronics) than swabbing your ears or powdering your itchy toes. In other words, if you can buy salmon in the same place as your prescription medications, it's not on the list, Walfortunmartly.

Oh, and one of these items is (mostly) historical. Rexall Drugstores bring back for some of us (of a certain age) a time when—although you couldn't buy salmon in anything but a canyou could buy the baby's talcum powder and have a nice, cold soda...while starting a terrific chase scene.

So...these are the Five Pharmacies (in the United States).

Together, they form the category "Pharmacy (in the United States)."

If this doesn't make sense...go back and read the introduction and the links!

The Five Pharmacies
Rite Aide
Medicine Shoppe International
Rexall Drug


Tomorrow—Speakers of the House
[d] Ubiquity RF

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