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Friday, November 17, 2017

Rewriting Assignments—Autumn 2017 (All Classes)

[a] Fire Write RF
This special Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving assignment has a number of functions. It is meant to highlight the importance of writing drafts and rewriting as part of the ongoing writing process. It is also a realistic approach to the confusion of Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. Take a look at the assignment and follow the instructions precisely. Please note that this assignment replaces class. It does not involve extra work (you get to choose when you do it, as long as it in before Wednesday at noon).

 All Classes
Letter Rewriting Assignment

[1] Make sure you have the following materials. They will be handed out in class on Thursday, 11/16. If you do not have these materials, please pick them up from the MI administrative assistant, Becky Moffet, in MI 219.
          *An envelope with the Beloit College history department return address.
          *A green index card.
          *A paper clip.
          *A copy of John McPhee's New Yorker essay, "Draft No 4."

[2] Read the assigned book for Tuesday's session (this is very important). Then do the quiz.

[3] In place of a class meeting on Wednesday 11/22, do the following things.
          *Read John McPhee's essay (about forty-five minutes).
          *Think about it; really reflect upon it.
          *Rewrite the letter you wrote for the first assignment of this course.
          *Reread it carefully one more time (on-screen or as a print-out).
          *Print the letter.
[4] Take your unstapled, printed letter and position it so that the envelop becomes a kind of "cover." In other words, do not fold the letter into the envelope.

[5] Take the green index card and write out the full address of your reader. Then put your name on the index card, too.

[6] Put the green index card on top of your letter, and in the "binder" created by the unsealed envelope.

[8] Put your quiz at the back of all of those materials.

[9] Take the paper clip and bind them all together.

[10] Bring the paper-clipped materials to the MI administrative assistant, Becky Moffet (from Richardson, go usptairs to the second floor of MI, take a LEFT, and walk all of the way to the end of the hallway—the office will be on your right). If you have problems, ask anyone in the building. If no one is in the office, gently slip it under the door.

Due No Later Than Noon on Wednesday 11/22
[c] リライト RF

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